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    Default Useful Resources and Information

    Hi I am new here and posted my intial question in the entrance hall and was advised to post in the relevant mods forums and here. I came across a number of useful resources anyone may wish to take a look at. On wikipedia it appears someone has attempted to centralise a list of tables for Ancient states from the Bronze Age through to the Middle Ages in individual articles for each period 1200+ states are listed in all they include the state name, state type, capital city and duration period. Each article has a brief about the development of states a short brief about the particular period and a list of state types by definition. Each table is broken down by global geographical regions for example. Africa, America's, Europe North and West, Europe South and East, Eurasian Steppe, East Asia, South Asia, West Asia. The table contents then link to the relevant state page.

    They are as follows:-

    • List of Bronze Age states 3300 to 1200 BC (100+)
    • List of Iron Age states 1200 to 600 BC (300+)
    • List of Classical Age states 600 BC to 200 AD (330+)
    • List of states during Late Antquity 200 to 700 AD (250+)
    • List of Middle Age states 700 to 1500 AD (300+)

    Links are here of Classical Age states of states during Late Antiquity of states during the Middle Ages

    I have also found these other resources and useful links

    Regnal Chronologies

    Regnal chronology specifically, is a site about the study of of king lists, sequences of governance in the history of a state, and the organizing of such data. The author has extended the idea to intrude upon political geography as well, giving a representation of political eras within certain global geographic regions. They have included information culled from traditional and mythological eras - clearly labelled as such - to provide a foundation and context for what particular cultures regard as their roots. This site/study, therefore, inhabits a frontier region located somewhere near the intersection of political science, history, archeology, and geography - with a sprinkling of heraldry, genealogy, numismatics, epigraphy, and religion mixed in. This is a very good site.

    Link here:-

    Click on the General Index to explore by geographic location that lists hundreds of ancient states, polity's etc and dynasty's, rulers, timelines etc.

    Finally the last one

    A Chronology of World Poltical History from the 4th Millenium BC to present day

    Introduction from the site

    This chronology outlines the political development of the nations in the world. The main theme of this timeline is about political history. In general, this timeline does not include data of economic history, social hitory or cultural history. As the world political history involves a great number of regimes, dynasties, historical figures and historical events, it is not possible to include all the data. Thus only the most important events are recorded in this chronology. For those historical periods when there emerged a large number of local regimes in a certain country (such as the Sixteen Kingdoms of China, the Medieval German states, etc.), The author does not intend to give a detailed account of the rise and fall of these regimes.

    Divided as follows

    • 4th Millennium - 501 B.C.E.
    • 500 - 1 B.C.E.
    • 1 - 500 C.E.
    • 501 - 800 C.E.
    • 801 - 1000 C.E.
    • 1001 - 1200 C.E.
    • 1201 - 1400 C.E.
    • 1401 - 1500 C.E.
    • 1501 - 1600 C.E.
    • 1601 - 1700 C.E.
    • 1701 - 1800 C.E.
    • 1801 - 1850 C.E.
    • 1851 - 1900 C.E.
    • 1901 - 1920 C.E.
    • 1921 - 1940 C.E.
    • 1941 - 1960 C.E.
    • 1961 - 1980 C.E.
    • 1981 - 2000 C.E.
    • 2001 C.E. -

    Link here:_

    I hope anyone will find these resources very useful in getting information more quickly.
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