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Thread: Favorite Rome 2 videos/machinimas/commentaries

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    Default Favorite Rome 2 videos/machinimas/commentaries

    There are some excellent Rome 2 videos out there, and I think we should all share our favorites.

    My favorite trailer/machinima:

    Kaisa88TotalWar, who did this particular machinima, really does a great job when it comes to making TW videos!

    Favorite battle commentary. DarrenTotalWar does some amazing battle commentary, probably the best Ive ever seen. He is very comprehensive and the battles themselves are great. Ill post two of his videos here, they are quite good!

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    Default Re: Favorite Rome 2 videos/machinimas/commentaries

    Can I say... the Angry Joe review? ^^ It was kind of sad and funny at the same time but more funny because the revies he does are funny.


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