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    Hello, I have a major error with this amazing mod. So I downloaded it on my laptop perfectly fine, and using the steam shortcut started playing a Pergamum campaign. I decided to save before my first big siege battle because I didn't have a save file other than auto save yet, and the instant I clicked save game, the game crashed. Now normally this isn't a big deal, but I shut off my computer, and now when I turn it back on all I get is a black/really dark grey screen after the sign in screen! I'm afraid I may accidentally have ruined my computer. Any help is much appreciated. I do not blame anyone or anything other than myself. Thank you for any help, thank you for the mod, keep up the good work.

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    Sounds like something really bad happened to your computer, but I don't think we can take responsibility for it. I'm afraid we're not the best people to consult about problems getting Windows to run properly again. The best advice I can give you is to:

    1. Try to boot again
    2. Try to boot again
    3. Try to boot in Safe Mode
    4. Try to boot in Safe Mode
    5. Consider reinstalling Windows

    Sorry I cannot be of more help.

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    Hi Azdush,

    This might be a little different depending on your version of windows (or maybe even plain incorrect) but it's worth a shot if your alternative is nothing. Press F8 when your laptop starts up (before the sign in screen) and you should be presented with an advanced menu. Go into safe mode like Bovi said and if that's working fine then all you should need to do is a system restore and go back to a time before playing EB2. If that doesn't work or your computer won't even boot into safe mode then you need to choose the repair option in that advanced menu and go from there. It's been a while since I have ever had to do something like that so I'm afraid I can't help you past that. But best of luck and I hope you resolve it soon.

    Hopefully your video card drivers just messed themselves up or something like that. Just to be on the safe side make sure they are completely up to date before you play EB2 again.

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    Thank you both for your help Bovi and Ashurbanipal. Still can't get it to work but i know someone who might be able to fix it for me. I mainly just wanted to tell you guys what happened in case this kinda crash has been happening to other people. Like I said before, love this mod, you guys are awesome, keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: Save Game Crash

    Saving just before a battle can result in a corrupted save game. Test it by starting a new game or using the autosave (once you get your computer going again).Hope the system restore will work.


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