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Thread: How to get rid of unrest & Civil unrest

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    Default How to get rid of unrest & Civil unrest

    I captured Tarentum as the Romans.
    Their was some rioting at the start but I build some temples, public order buildings, increased garrison and the rioting ended.

    But for like 15 turns now my unrest is at 40% and civil unrest at 55% and it doesn't go down at all. How can I fix this because I need my troops that are stationed there :p.

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    Default Re: How to get rid of unrest & Civil unrest

    Appoint a proper governor or lower taxes. You can also move the garrison where you need them, and take the risk of further riots, of course.

    If you can spare the troops, be more patient and keep a significant force there until the unrest eventually subsides.

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    Default Re: How to get rid of unrest & Civil unrest

    Unrest can be caused by an enemy spy in the settlement. Station one of your own spies in that settlement, iirc that increases chances of detectinging and expelling/killing enemy spies.


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