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Thread: General's command skill never rises

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    Default General's command skill never rises

    Hmm no matter how many battles I win automated or controlled...a general's command stars are always at minimum.

    "This man, through incompetence, idiocy, or perhaps just a lack of experience, has no ability as a commander of men."

    Tried building up a few young ones in their 20s to their now 40s and still have no command experience despite several battles? Other skills like confidence, loyalty and influence are fine though.

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    Default Re: General's command skill never rises

    Command stars have always been low in EB for the player, traits and ancillaries are more likely to give other boosts, like better morale, than command stars.

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    Default Re: General's command skill never rises

    I've already reported this to the traits scripters, should be fixed in future releases.


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