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Thread: EB Menu fills only half of screen.

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    Default EB Menu fills only half of screen.


    First off, want to mention that I'm running this off of my steam version of MTWII, so this error could be completely because of this. However, this isn't an error with the game play but with something very simple.

    When I start up the game, everything is fine except for the fact that the game is halfway off my screen! The other half is my desktop, and no matter what I do EBII will not conform to my screen. I'm not sure if I'm totally retarded, but I've done a number of different options and nothing seems to be working. How do I move my EB so its not halfway off my screen??

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    Default Re: EB Menu fills only half of screen.

    Go to M2TW/mods/EBII.
    Open EBII.cfg.
    Find the windowed parameter. Change it to 0 or false.

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