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Thread: Question about Roman Schools & Authorization to Lead Armies

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    Default Question about Roman Schools & Authorization to Lead Armies

    If I leave my young family members in a city with an academy, do they still benefit? I notice that in EBII schools give law and money bonuses, but I'm not sure if they have a better chance of developing traits when being in province with a school or without one. Do they benefit at all from being part of a senior general's army like their description suggests?

    I notice that when a family member is elected to certain offices, they are authorized to lead armies. What happens if I lead an army with a family member who isn't authorized/vs authorized?

    Great game by the way. I'm really enjoying how you switched up the government/culture system.

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    Default Re: Question about Roman Schools & Authorization to Lead Armies

    I can tell you how things are supposed to work...

    Firstly, if a Family Member is in a city with an academy, then he should have a greater than usual chance of picking up academic/administrative traits.

    By contrast, if a Roman Family Member ends a turn outside a settlement, then a counter determines that he is 'on military service'. For young Family Members, extended military service increases the chance of getting elected to senate offices. Some people may have noticed that the 'eligible for Quaestorship' message can vary, hinting on occasion that it might be a good idea to send your 'youth' on campaign. It also increases the chance of being elected tribunus militum which also has possible positive effects.

    Election to the consulship or praetorship gives a Family Member imperium, which authorises him to lead an army. I believe that he retains it for five game years, at the moment. This awards certain bonuses. If a Family Member without imperium leads an army, he receives a small handicap - a command penalty, and a -1 morale penalty, since he is not (legally) allowed to command. This reflects actual Republican practice. In essence, it is up to each player whether they want to roleplay the Roman system properly: this simply provides an incentive to do so...
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