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Thread: Bug - choosing a new heir

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    Default Bug - choosing a new heir

    Playing as SPQR and I get a request to choose a new faction heir, obviously I know that my faction leader must have died. So, I choose the new heir and....he becomes the faction leader!, bypassing the existing faction heir.

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    Default Re: Bug - choosing a new heir

    Sounds weird, don't think you'll have that happen very often, but congrats on having your favourite pole vault into position!

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    Default Re: Bug - choosing a new heir

    Hahaha...I fear that he is not ready for the burden yet.

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    Default Re: Bug - choosing a new heir

    Just to say...I've looked again. It wasn't the guy I chose to be the new heir apparent who became the new daction leader, it was the old leader's son...who happened to have the same name.

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    Just to update. Playing another Romani campaign and the same thing happened. Marcus Atilius Regulus - who I set as potential heir - becomes heir on the death of Dentatus. No matter who I set as potential faction heir following Dentatus' death, once Valerius Maximus dies Marcus Atilius Regulus (the eponymous son) becomes faction heir, bypassing the potential faction heir. Perhaps there's a hangover from 'first born'...or whatever it's called affecting the choice of heir?

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    Default Re: Bug - choosing a new heir

    I haven't found my choice of potential successor matters so far (Epeiros), the engine always chooses a new Heir irrespective of a potential.
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    I was going to say that for SPQR I don't think it's really an issue - what matters there is who has Imperium at any given time, but for such as Epeiros, Mcedonia, Seleucids etc., where there is a succession it might be more of an issue. But, having said that.... successions never really went all that smoothly in real life, did they? :-P


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