I have no idea what it is with Romani internal names, but no other faction seems to have this trouble. Namely that not only is there a much higher incidence of characters using the same name, but that they use literally the same internal name as well, meaning one of them can't be addressed via the console.

So for example, you'll get two of "Captain MarcvsB", without using any of the other 26 possibilities available to Captain Marcvs. It happens with Family Members too, where you'll get more than one using "Manivs Romanvs", rather than using all the other possible combinations. Sometimes a Captain will be using that slot, giving multiple characters with no internal name. Other factions seem to have no problem with using different names, or at least using the A-Z addition on the name, why is that not the case with the Romani?

There was this exact same problem in EB1 with Romani names, so there's obviously some interaction with the mechanics going on.