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Thread: New Husbands, weird traits

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    My thanks for making the mod. It's really beautifully done and I really enjoy playing. I'm at turn 82 in a Rome campaign.

    A couple things I've noticed so far, one new husband spawned in Arretium with the -3 starvation trait and next turn another spawned not in the city where the in-law was, which was Capua, but in Massilia. The next turn I got four messages all stating he was eligible for Prator upon returning to Rome.

    Oh, one other thing, I had a assasin moving from Italy to Sicily and I hit the backspace key to stop his movement. He was on the straits when this happened and he went into the death animation and disappeared. Kind of like he was on a ship that sunk. Other things I've noticed have already been noted.


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    Every new FM seems to appear with the Starving trait in their second turn, not sure what's going on there.
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    I've only had it happen once in my game. However, the trigger for Curu Adele, Prator, ect., my spelling bad, seems to fire multiple times. The crossing thing may be the map since they seem bigger. Btw, I liked being able to block them with ships in vanilla but maybe it makes it too hard for AI.



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