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Thread: entire game screen too much left

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    Default entire game screen too much left

    Just installed the mod on Win7x64 laptop, when runnign the game, its off center, the entire game screen is way to the left, I can see some of my desktop on the right side, any ideas how to fix this?

    btw, I noticed the same issue when running Stainless steel mod for MTW2, and havent been able to fix this correctly.

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    Default Re: entire game screen too much left

    I haven't seen this exact behavior, but have you tried playing with the EBII.cfg windowed and borderless_window settings? I understand that some have needed to set these to false when the initial screen ends up with the wrong size/position.

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    Default Re: entire game screen too much left

    It's running in Windowed mode. Be advised that M2TW was not designed for the wide range of modern monitor resolutions. So even though you can change it full screen by altering settings in EBII.cfg (as Ozonius indicated), you may introduce a series of hitherto missing CTDs.
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