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Thread: retrain bug and and a men in 3dmax poition

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    Default retrain bug and and a men in 3dmax poition

    Sweboz game

    When you want to retrain some units levy spearman or german slingers and you have a field of games (gives +1 experience for units trained in that town) build-ed they get a +1 of experience but not a chevron on there UI card and they can be retrained for ever it will cost you every time

    note those units where probably created before the field of games was build and maybe also in other towns

    units that already have a chevron do not have this problem

    Then I noticed something weird in this battle that guy you see on the bottom of the battle screen sunk in the sand in a 3dmax mode

    first he was turning around and around and then he shrunk and sunk in to the ground

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