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Thread: [Mini-Submod] Law bonus to ports/roads

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    Default [Mini-Submod] Law bonus to ports/roads

    There was a topic over at the TWC where the idea of ports and roads giving a law bonus was brought up.
    I consider this a good idea, for two reasons:

    (1) It's simply historical truth that an empire can be controlled better if you can get to the "problem spots" quicker.
    An example for the roads would be the Persian Royal Road, for the ports just have a look at the Carthaginian history (especially after ~350 BC when they started acting "empire-like" - at least somewhat).

    (2) It's rewarding the player gameplay-wise after he heavily invests in a province.

    So what does this little mod ("tiny" would be a better term, as it took me not even half an hour ) do?

    Level 2 / 3 roads give a 5% / 10% law bonus, but a -5% / -10% happiness "bonus".

    Level 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ports give 5% / 5% / 10% / 15% law bonus, but a -5% / -5% / -10% / -15% happiness "bonus".

    Why did I add the negative happiness bonus? Well, to put it simple: both for gameplay reasons (holding distant provinces is far too easy anyway, especially for the AI, no need to make it any easier) and for somewhat historical reasons, too (people aren't that happy about being watched more closely ).

    EDIT: All these changes don't affect nomad camps. That's no oversight by me but intentional. Nomads usually don't care too much about building roads or large port cities anyway.

    Just drop the file into your data folder.
    Make sure to back up the original file before, just in case I managed to insert a typo. (Shouldn't have happened since I tested it and got no crash. Messing up the EDB usually crashes the game right at the start.)

    P.S.: I'm pondering if this could be expanded and be made more faction-specific, i.e. Romans get better results from roads, Carthaginians profit more from ports etc. Ideas are welcome.
    Please keep in mind that I have next to no scripting skill, though.
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