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Thread: Screen Issues causing CTD's/Computer Crashes

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    Default Screen Issues causing CTD's/Computer Crashes

    Running 2.01 I get the stretched screen coupled with the painfully slow campaign map. This has been causing CTD's and more often than not my computer crashes due to overheating within 5-10min of starting a campaign. With 2.0 I did not have this problem as the screen had about two inches of black bar on either side, which did not cause distortion in the picture and caused my game to run smoothly with zero incidents of overheating.
    I have seen a bunch of the screen resolution/windowed mode posts and tried all the solutions provided and none have worked. Is there any way I can set the screen back to the properties that 2.0 automatically had. Right now my game is unplayable and I am having EB withdrawls :P.

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    Default Re: Screen Issues causing CTD's/Computer Crashes

    Try going into the video settings and letting it auto configure and see if that helps? Make sure you hit apply :P


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