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Thread: TW 1v1 Cup Rules.

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    Default TW 1v1 Cup Rules.

    In cooperation with Hooahguy from the .Org staff I'd like to bring you this 1v1 single elimination online battle tournament for Rome 2. Here's a teaser, .Org will have a new forum update concerning steam support...

    This is the ruleset thread, feel free to post in here. Also please read the whole thread if you plan on participating.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    English is the language you should use to communicate with your opponents, period.

    TW 1v1 Cup Ruleset

    [Format & Unit Composition Rules, etc.]

    R2 Vanilla, Emperor Edition
    Maximum 6 same of unit.
    Maximum 6 pikes.
    Maximum 8 cavalry.
    Maximum 3 skirmisher cavalry. (Counts as cavalry)
    Generals count in limits except for Roman general unit and the Carthaginian general's bodyguard unit.
    Maximum 1 Elephant unit OR chariot unit; counts in cavalry limit.
    No deployables/ field defenses.
    No artillery.
    No time limit.
    Large unit size/Large funds.
    Clear weather. Daytime.
    All factions available from base game including dlc are allowed except for Nomads.
    Best of 3 Matches. Finals and Bronze best of 5

    [Battle Rules]

    Both sides are attackers, if one side has 2x or more the amount of cavalry compared to the other side, the side with 2x or more cavalry becomes the sole attacker. Attacking means at least attempting to attack the opponent with any unit capable of inflicting real damage.

    No redlining, redlining is getting into 300 range of the redline (2x Cretan archer range: 150x2=300). If one player redlines, type in chat that he is redlining and then give him space to maneuver out of the redline without engaging. If fight naturally continues into redline zone the fight may continue.

    [Faction selection]

    Player on top bracket bans one faction, then the player below bans one faction. Then player on top picks map and then faction. Player on bottom counter picks a faction. Next game it is reversed with bottom player banning first, picking map and then faction, then top player counter picking. If it is a best of 5 it simply alternates again until someone has already won the series before ace match. Ace matches in the finals and bronze will be Rome vs Rome on Nemoteccena, the rest of the rounds ace matches will be chosen for variation and will be posted in the announcements. You may not pick the same faction as your opponent, unless if it's the ace match.
    *If a faction has been banned from you it stays banned until ace matchup of the series of games you were playing.
    [Time limits]

    Picking and banning a faction for a player should take less then 5 minutes, the top bracket player should pick the map from the map pool first before picking and banning factions. If it takes longer then that (5 min) then the "victim" can complain through chat and if any spectators or moderators are on; let them know. If it gets ridiculously long, by the moderator's discretion that match has been forfeited and you get the win. If you as the player are fine with a long wait then that is up to you.

    After the picking and banning phase there is the army selection phase. For both players it together shouldn't take more then 5 minutes. When you are done selecting your units immediately say you are ready. If a person is taking too long the rules above apply.

    When deploying, the time limit rules from above apply to deployment phase. You may not ready up until your opponent is ready but let the spectators and the opposing player that you are ready ASAP.

    *We expect you to prepare for the tournament before hand instead of thinking of every possibility during the actual thing.*

    [Connection issues]

    If there are any connection issues you may use Hamachi to try to play.

    1st crash/drop: In the case that the balance was even, the players will have to do a rematch with the same armies. But if there was a clear advantage on the replay (the moderators have to watch the replay), the win will be given to the player who had a clear advantage.
    2nd crash/drop: If the same player dropped twice, the moderators have to decide or both players find a solution.

    [Scheduling matches]

    Schedule a time before deadline with opponent and let a moderator or streamer before hand when it will be. If you got a streamer, let a moderator know so they can post an announcement with link to the stream.

    Matches from a best of round do not all have to be completed at once. You can split up the matches, as long as you tell your opponent before hand.


    *The semi finals, finals, and bronze matches must be streamed. The conditions for a streamer to stream are*:

    No harmful bias for a specific player
    Do not show the selection screen
    Do not show player's units during deployment phase
    Along with the players give the moderators and admins link to stream and info when match will be streamed so the moderators or admin can make an announcement. To find moderators or admin to contact check the steam group for them.

    Maximum allowed amount of spectators in game is 3, priority is given to moderators first, then streamers, then everyone else. If the match is getting laggy spectators leave in that kind of priority. There should only be one moderator from our group spectating the match. It should only be a last ditch effort for the moderator to have to leave due to lag.


    Send them to: Name your email message as this ex. TW1v1Cup[Your name] vs [Opponent][Score]
    I will be checking for replays, if they are not sent you will have to replay your matches. At the end of the tournament I will upload a zip file with all the replays.

    Inside the message attach ALL replays. It's important to save all replays.

    By participating in this tournament you allow yourself to have any of your matches to be uploaded on Youtube. Replays will be released to public as stated above.

    Also send messages to the moderators and admins (Listed in the group) of the results.

    IMPORTANT! Make sure to take screenshots of victories, drops, cheating, etc for evidence!

    [Map pool] Map: Attacker direction

    Rhougion: East

    Seleucia: North

    Nemetocenna: North

    Uburzis: North

    Pyramids: North

    Bukhara: North

    Antheia: North

    Armavir: North

    Akink: North

    Ariminum: North
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    Lets play Divide et Impera, Ptolemy Campaign. Link to full playlist down below!


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