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Thread: How does AI handle buildings ?

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    Default How does AI handle buildings ?

    In my macedonian game, I decided to let Epeiros alone and gave them lot of money. They conquered Arpi from Rome. By curiosity, i sent a spy to see what they decided to put as government, as there's no polis there. They built an allied democracy (fine) and... an hellenistic colony.
    -They don't own a metropolis so they shouldn't be able to colonize. I didn"t see anything in campaign_scripts allowing AI to colonize without metropolis
    -Colonies can't be built in allied states.

    So, how does AI managed to build this ? Does the engine spawn a random building every X turns ? Is there a hidden script alloxing AI to colonize ?

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    Default Re: How does AI handle buildings ?

    Very interesting question indeed! I always worked under the assumption that AI follows the same rule as human players. Yet you are absolutely right - this is something that is NOT SUPPOSED TO occur. Weird, probably a bug...

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    Default Re: How does AI handle buildings ?

    Hi, Arpi likely starts with a Greek Colony since in fact it was founded by Greeks (Diomedes is the legendary founder) It was allied with Rome till second Punic War when Rome actually took it over. I'll go look and see what it has at start.

    Nope does not start with colony. Starts as Italian Allied City with 35% Western Hellenic Culture
    Have the Epriots captured a metropolis (Pella?)
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    Default Re: How does AI handle buildings ?

    No, in this game they only took Arpi, Thermon and maybe Rhegion. No metropolis so.


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