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Thread: Not enough Ancillaries

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    Default Not enough Ancillaries

    This isn't a bug or technical issue, but a preference. In EB1 we had too many ancillaries, it was far too easy to get them and everyone filled out their roster of 8 within a few years, if not seasons. They were too numerous and appeared too frequently.

    In the current build of EBII, we have the opposite problem, they don't appear frequently enough. I've had FMs run their entire lifespan never getting more than 2-4 ancillaries, and it's still not entirely clear to me what triggers them. I don't want a return to the EB1 situation of hangers-on spam, but it would be nice to have more of them happening more often.

    I'm also not terribly impressed with the inability to move them around (I don't know if this is hardcoded in M2TW or a design choice). I hear the arguments about how likely someone would be to "trade" their friends to someone else, but a lot of them aren't representative of drinking buddies, but members of staff or trusted slaves. At the very least (assuming there was a greater frequency of them appearing) it would be nice to be able to dismiss people from your retinue, if you wanted to freshen things up and turn a successful general into a governor.
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    Some faction i have played, i think it was Taksashila, actually has anciliaries as titles which you can give out and end up granting a trait. I'm not sure why is it exactly that way, but it's possible there is going to be more of them for other factions in other releases, which will alleviate your problem a bit


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