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Thread: Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...

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    Default Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...

    So thanks to Quintus Sertorius and Kull (thanks you thank you--y'all rock!), my now 4-5 year long dream has been realized and EB II is loaded on my computer! I'm probably gonna go to the nearest, randomest dive bar and buy a round for everybody just for that reason...

    Me being me, however, something's rotten in Denmark.

    Now, keep in mind I have NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL with Kingdoms...I bought it a few years back just to be able to play this bad boy someday. I was just loading the Crusade part (like with that special Broken Crescent ed), but then thought I shouldn't take any chances and loaded them all.

    When I first played EB, I had the full screen etc and I was using the second disc of Kingdoms. I wanted to do a custom battle of course, and I noticed that my toolbar wouldn't freaking go that my computer's settings or is that something with my install do you think?

    Also, the factions' units available for custom battle seemed uh...odd?

    I'll load it up and give a list and all that, but it was much smaller than EB I's and each faction shared a lot of the same in like 70% of them.

    One quick question for my Kingdoms-ignorant ass: which disc does EB II use?

    Thanks for any advice and for the help so far,
    Tim Link

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    Default Re: Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...

    What resolution are you playing at? I can't tell, but it looks like your playing resolution is lower than your desktop resolution and we're seeing part of the desktop bleed through.

    The unit roster is, I think, only around 40% complete -- so the custom battle weirdness is probably to be expected.

    I use the Steam version so I'm afraid I'm not able to help as much as I'd like!

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    Default Re: Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...

    I apologize for not keeping up with this and replying earlier...been on one of those weeks...

    I'll double check the resolution and all of that. That could definitely be it.

    A few more dumb questions just popped into my head (well, one re-popped into my head): 1.) Do you only need one of the Kingdoms Campaigns installed, or all of them? 2.) which disc do you use, or does that matter? (I suppose that depends on which campaigns you have installed...but if more than one...? Then what?)

    thanks for the help! I'll start messing with that now.

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    Default Re: Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...

    1) One.
    2) Use the same CD you're using to run any other Kingdoms campaign.

    Having problems getting EB2 to run? Try these solutions.
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    Default Re: Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...

    Thanks a billion, bovi.

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    Default Re: Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...

    Update: I uninstalled every Kingdoms campaign except for the first one I installed (The Crusades), messed with the resolution etc and everything (I can't believe how long it's been since I've played any of this...I've forgotten everything!!!! Thank god I kept the Alexander EB on my laptop...getting that puppy to work was, at least for a non-tier 1 computer guy like moi, about as fun as finding out what your parents were listening to when you were conceived...), and then...I neglected it for several days out of pure, unadulterated fear LOL.

    I fired it up last night and aside from the bat file/dos loading thing (I minimize that but I have no idea if that's what you're supposed to do...), and my tool bar insisting on laying on top of everything, WOW...well worth the wait. That screen splitting stuff stopped too.

    And I'll just do what I've always done when the factions don't have units available that I want them to in a custom battles: add them!

    Now I just have to remember how do do that...

    Once again, thanks for the help.


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