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Thread: List of units in EB2.01?

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    Default List of units in EB2.01?

    I just downloaded EB2 yesterday, couldn't believe it was released after I deliberately took a long vacation from following the case. Thank you so much for your efforts and the result. Works like a charm.

    Is there a list of the units which are in the first release? I conquered Demetrias and questioned myself what form of government to choose. Oligarchic would be more realistic and preferable for Thessalian cavalry. However I could not see the unit in the building roster descriptions. Maybe it is not in now as a special unit and will be added later (which I could fully understand) or needs additional buildings?
    The queen commands and we'll obey
    Over the Hills and far away.
    (perhaps from an English Traditional, about 1700 AD)

    Drum, Kinder, seid lustig und allesamt bereit:
    Auf, Ansbach-Dragoner! Auf, Ansbach-Bayreuth!
    (later chorus -containing a wrong regimental name for the Bayreuth-Dragoner (DR Nr. 5) - of the "Hohenfriedberger Marsch", reminiscense of a battle in 1745 AD, to the music perhaps of an earlier cuirassier march)

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    Default Re: List of units in EB2.01?

    The Hippeis Thessalikoi still need to be made unfortunately...

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    Default Re: List of units in EB2.01?

    It wouldn't be all that hard to compile two lists from browsing the EDU of units in the game and those planned but not yet implemented. The latter appear as placeholders in there.
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