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Thread: Field of Games description is missing

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    Default Field of Games description is missing

    Playing as Pergamon. No idea if it just hasn't been added yet, but the description said "you shouldn't be seeing this, please report this" so I did.

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    Default Re: Field of Games description is missing

    Strange, as Epeiros it's working fine.
    It began on seven hills - an EB 1.1 Romani AAR with historical house-rules (now ceased)
    Heirs to Lysimachos - an EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR with semi-historical houserules (now ceased)
    Philetairos' Gift - a second EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR

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    Default Re: Field of Games description is missing

    The "Field of Games" description "You should not be seing this. Please report this error." appears random to me. It has happened as the boi, Takshashila, romans, name it.
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