some changes to battle maps (custom locations) for a more convenient battle setup:

- moved the balanced EB maps and the custom MP ones at the bottom of the list and ordered them alphabetically now its a lot easier to find a balanced map and even your favorite one (the balanced maps list starts with EB Ammonion)
- added new preview picture tiles to the MP maps and changed those of the EB balanced maps to show the actual terrain conditions (all these are now in higher resolution then the previous tiles)
- changed the name of the MP maps so now they are named after the region ID based on the coordinates
- removed 2 MP custom maps since they didnt provide fair starting positions and I also didnt move at the bottom 2 of the EB ones once considered as balanced (Gebel Barkal and Qataban coast)
- the MP maps that are more suitable for 1v1 than team battles have the 1v1 indicator now

the link to download and updated instructions are in my TWC thread