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Thread: Good DLC's to buy

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    Default Good DLC's to buy

    Hello I managed to get some money and look forward to improve my game experience in Rome 2.So can anyone help me to choose some good DLC to buy?

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    At least for me, the blood DLC is a must for immersion. And its pretty cheap so there's that. As for the rest, get what interests you. Greek states, pirates and raiders, whatever you find interesting. Ive also heard good things about the two smaller campaigns, Ceasar in Gaul and Hannibal at the Gates.
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    Default Re: Good DLC's to buy

    Yeah the blood DLC is probably the most important one. The all factions mod give you access to lots of different factions, so I don't recommend buying any faction packs unless you really want one single faction.
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    I never got the blood one. Is it just cosmetic stuff?

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    Thanks.I will give Blood DLC a try.

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    Most important would be the Augustus Campaign but you should get that automatically...

    But then probably Blood, because: Blood!
    Honestly I don't recall seeing any decaps or delimbing but supposed to have those, yes its purely cosmetic but it does add quite a bit of atmosphere.

    I have stayed away from Beasts of War & Daughters of Mars, mostly seem to have pretty silly units in these.
    Only one I actually would like to have ingame is the Mercenary Syrian Armored Elephants but Syria & Baktria do get armored elephants already, most other factions should be fine with roster/mercenary War Elephants.

    The Culture Packs & other Campaigns help to fill out Playable Factions & unit rosters in the main campaign even if you don't play the campaigns.
    I wouldn't want to pay the full price for them & individually they don't really add much but bunched together on sale price they are nice addition.
    maybe those guys should be doing something more useful...


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