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Thread: Rome 2 Halloween update (and a bit more info on Attila)

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    Default Rome 2 Halloween update (and a bit more info on Attila)

    So there was a small update for Rome 2 today, and it contains some free stuff for Rome 2 that is specially for Halloween! It introduces the "nightmare mode" which gives all units the scare ability and changes the birds to spooky harpies. And the skies are changed to something creepier or something. Anyways you get a Steam achievement for winning a battle in nightmare mode. It can be turned on and off.

    Also for Attila, the Western Roman Empire will have a tough time economically, and there will be puppet states which from the sound of it you will have much more control over than you would a client state.

    Full Rally point here:

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    Default Re: Rome 2 Halloween update (and a bit more info on Attila)

    What? The game wasn't released in Nightmare mode?

    I thought all the Zombie faces were intentional... I mean... CA didn't accidentally release it like that... did they?
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    Default Re: Rome 2 Halloween update (and a bit more info on Attila)

    It's just an option you can click on in the menu, changes the way the battles look and affects morale (I think).

    I only played one battle with it on mind you so I'm no expert here, I was just curious what it looked like in that mode.

    Bit spooky I guess, but not much to speak of. If you want to see Halloween done right you should see what Valve does for TF2 (a free game): An entire new map just for the occasion every year, new items, new powers, etc etc


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