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Thread: How/When do you get siege units? (particulary for Romani)

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    Question How/When do you get siege units? (particulary for Romani)

    As the Romani, Im aware that you have to have a certain MIC level in specific provinces (Massalia & Syrakousai), but Im wondering if I should have lvl III or IV governments in those specific provinces or else the siege units are inaccessible? Do you only get siege units native or otherwise when youve hit the later reforms? (Marian or Augustan)

    I got the list from the online EB Units List

    Catapvltae (Arrow Throwers)
    Scorpiones (Light Arrow Throwers)
    Talantiaioi Lithoboloi (1 talent Stone Projectors)
    Triakontamnaioi Lithoboloi (Thirty-mina Stone Projectors)
    Triginta Minai Ballistae (30 Minai Stone Projectors)
    Tripechues Katapeltai (Three-cubit Arrow Projector)
    Trispithamoi Katapeltai (Three-span Arrow Projector)
    Vnvm Talentvm Ballistae (1 Talent Stone Projectors)

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    Default Re: How/When do you get siege units? (particulary for Romani)

    I am not 100% sure, but if I recall correctly the Romans can initially only get siege engines from their regional MIC. So yes, you do need type III or IV governments. After the Marian reform, they become available in the native MIC as well.
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