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Thread: Linux Port?

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    Default Linux Port?

    Still no Linux support for TW:R2. Played the game a little on a Windows PC and I loved it, but would love to play it on my own computer. Linux support was promised years ago, and was suggested it might be released in early 2014, but that didn't happen. Empire being ported to Linux brings me hope that a TW:R2 port might be on the way.

    Is there still going to be a Linux port? Since it was promised, I would hope it would be soon. Anyone know anything? Any officials wanna answer?

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    Default Re: Linux Port?

    I wouldnt hold my breath. It took a year for Rome 2 to come to Mac, I wouldnt expect a Linux port until mid 2015 I suppose. Shogun 2 still isnt ported to Linux (at least not to my knowledge) even after all this time.
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