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Thread: ATTILA’s Army Management capabilities

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    Default ATTILA’s Army Management capabilities

    So guys this has been posted on TWC by joey, I like the look of it but the fact that it has not been included in the Rome 2 pisses me of to no end;

    "Hey All,

    Before we all head off for the festive season we thought we’d share an exclusive look at Total War: ATTILA’s Army Management capabilities in this first feature spotlight.

    Learn how to craft the perfect war machine to complement your campaign strategy. There’s more depth, greater control and extreme measures to help keep your units in line!

    Hope you enjoy#


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    Default Re: ATTILA’s Army Management capabilities

    I also really wish this was in Rome 2. Such a shame, I'm hoping that the modders can figure something out with this. I mean if they can get the Napoleon environment into Empire which was I think less mod friendly than Rome 2, I wonder how much they can port?
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    Default Re: ATTILA’s Army Management capabilities

    Some interesting improvements, I look forward to picking this up in the summer steam sale properly patched up.

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    Default Re: ATTILA’s Army Management capabilities

    Certainly does look pretty good stuff.
    Sure would be nice to get a bunch of that in Rome2
    maybe those guys should be doing something more useful...

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    Default Re: ATTILA’s Army Management capabilities

    Two features I've been insisting should have been there from R1 are the troop morale and battlefield preview. Nothing sillier than inflicting one crushing defeat after another on Rome, for instance, only to find further Roman levies marching at you doing so in the cheeriest of moods, and the people back home not getting rebellious the longer the defeats continue

    Battlefield preview was glossed over very quickly, but if the player gets to see it before choosing to do battle, that would be outstanding Otherwise only getting to look at the terrain before deployment is nothing you couldn't do before by using the 'unrestricted' camera pov....
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