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    This has happened to me over the past few days of playing the game.

    I give one order to a unit, they engage, and then for the whole battle, not just that short engagement, their icons are all greyed out. The unit becomes completely unresponsive for the rest of the battle. And this isn't some rare thing either, nearly the entire army suffers from it.

    Is there a fix for something like this?

    I have 2.01 and I believe I downloaded the CAI that was also offered.

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    Did you also get a BAI update? Because I wonder if this has anything to do with the "hard-core" patch that was potentially going to make it's way into a new BAI version. One of the changes was to make units who had received certain orders like "charge" become preoccupied and ignore further orders for a period of time.

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    Yes, I believe I did.

    I wasn't aware that they become completely unresponsive for the whole battle though. I thought it'd be only for 30 seconds or a minute at most.

    It wasn't noticeable in the long fights versus Romans as Aedui, but versus the Pritanoi once I'm done running them over I can't get the units to do anything else. And the Pritanoi pretty much rout on contact vs Gaul swordsmen, even for the slower pace of EB. However during the chase their plentiful missile troops pelt my forces with rocks and there's nothing I can do to respond to that.

    Also I've been running into something that randomly turns off Fog of war for long periods of time, and then turns it back on. This chance to switch between FoW appears to occur whenever I press end turn. I'm not sure what's triggering it.
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    I had a similar thing happen when I first installed a month ago. I was play Parthia and for the life of me couldn't get my general to move from his starting spot until the very end of the battle, and I believe a couple of other random units would go unresponsive too. I have since reinstalled on a different computer and haven't seen it yet. I think it may have been the order of install. I'm thinking I might have installed CAI first, then BAI. I reinstalled in the reverse order this time and so far, so good...


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