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Thread: Divide et Impera Ptolemy Campaign

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    Default Divide et Impera Ptolemy Campaign

    Sorry folks, I haven't been doing what I was supposed to be doing. (posting on the .org hehe)
    One thing I wish for is for the .Org to remain strong as always, I think it'd be nice if the .Org also is involved into another game, I myself atleast would be interested.
    To get to the point, I haven't been browsing Total War forums that much as the official forums put me into a bad mood simply by reading through the posts and the censorship but recently I have begun posting on twcenter mainly since DeI mod is hosted there but I haven't forgotten .Org. Generally my Playthrough thread is ignored there as not much people want to discuss with me about the mod at all haha, plus I'm an insignificant youtuber lol.

    So here I am at the .Org ready to discuss about this mod.

    Many people these days don't even click on links anymore but I trust that the Orgahs know how to click on links so to save myself some agony on this mobile device I'll post only 2 links.

    The link down below has all the episodes of my lets play, it will of course change as I upload more. (From episode 4 and on I am using a gaming headset instead of ghetto 10 Freedom dollars headset)

    Here is the link to my online battle on DeI mod.

    Enjoy, and please do comment whether it be on YouTube or here as I'm bored of not having anyone to respond to haha.
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    Lets play Divide et Impera, Ptolemy Campaign. Link to full playlist down below!

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    Default Re: Divide et Impera Ptolemy Campaign


    Although I have a mod to extend movement, D&I seems to be liberal on movement range. Double-time was risky enough given the danger of ambushes. I'm playing Rome as the Junii and one of my few trading partners is Carthage. All of my expansion has been northwards, and frankly it isn't clear if the territory is worth the effort of holding it.

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    Yeah, it's hard to expand aggressively and do what you want to do yet sometimes you lose windows of opportunity by not exploiting such moments. It's an annoying balance I had to fight against in the Syria region as Egypt haha.

    Edit: Episode 6 is up!
    Lets play Divide et Impera, Ptolemy Campaign. Link to full playlist down below!


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