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Thread: Are any more DLC's possible

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    Default Are any more DLC's possible

    Most likely no more campaign packs but we might see on or two more faction packs and maybe a unit pack.
    I would like to see a desert DLC with a Numidian, Ethiopian, and Arabian faction. Maybe release an Indian or Northern Arabian Faction for free.

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    I think a desert faction pack would be pretty cool. Numidia at least is worthy of "playable" status, as they were a significant factor during the Punic Wars. I'm thinking Numidia, Nabatea, and perhaps one of those Aethiopia factions would make a decent pack.

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    India isn't on the GC map. It stops at the Indus river, right where Achaemenid Persia did. I mean Bactria and Arachosia are most of Afghanistan. As for whether they could add Arab, Numidian, or Aethiopian factions. It would depend on how complete they are.
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    I think Nabetea could be free a faction from the south could be in the DLC, probably with some units as well.

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    Considering Attila's release is really close I don't think so. If CA does then it's another day that I'm not amused by their actions.
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