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Thread: Smashing rebels has never been so much fun...

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    Default Smashing rebels has never been so much fun...

    It used to be quite tedious in previous Total War games and even in EB1 after a while but I never get bored of smashing rebel armies in EB2. Even if the rebels are just a single unit of archers I have so much fun smashing them. I never auto resolve. I love watching the beautiful units marching and fighting. Even "trash" units like eastern javelinmen or pantodapoi (those guys with no armour, a spear and a wicker shield) just look so beautiful. Everything is beautiful.

    I'm genuinely sad that I can't help the team with developing the mod, I just don't have any skills and it would take me so long to learn with real life that the mod would either be finished or abandoned (hopefully not the latter) by the time I even learned the skills. I swear though if I ever win the lottery the very first thing I'll do it hire and pay salaries for anybody that wants to finish this mod full time.
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    Default Re: Smashing rebels has never been so much fun...

    If I'm not at war with anyone, and a rebel army is tiny, I tend to use the console to give them extra units, so I can have a proper battle of it. Even if it's just a half stack to face my own half stack, it's more fun than sending an FM with a single unit of infantry to deal with two rebel skirmishers.
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