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Thread: What in the heck happened?!?

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    Default What in the heck happened?!?

    Like seriously, back when I was a youth beef jerky would and could tear your molars from your jaw. Nowadays though, all jerky is like some crappy veal wannabe where the softer and juicier it is the better. Did our civilization suddenly become soft over night or is there some real jerked beef out there? Please god, tell me there is.

    Oberto used the be the thing but now their meat is paper thin and provides no satisfaction. Jack links feels like im just eating a slightly tougher steak.
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    I can spot the same tendency about some kinds of grains eaten in Ukraine (don't suppose you know or - God forbid - consume them). When I was a kid, buckwheat, for example, had to be boiled for twenty minutes at least, and even then its seeds stayed whole and springy on the teeth. Now five minuted and the whole mass of it turns into jellyfish. The same about millet - it had to be soaked for several hours before boling it. Always wonder what is wrong with them.
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    Maybe your jaws became stronger.
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    local butcher has the real thing, you really have to tear it up. Delicious.


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