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Thread: Help me fix the quotes so I stop getting CTD's after a battle.

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    Default Help me fix the quotes so I stop getting CTD's after a battle.

    Ignore/delete this thread - fixed it with google :D

    Hello all, I've installed EB1 again because I prefer EB1 when playing with cavalry-heavy factions like Nomads - I think horsies work better in EB1. Anyway I've always gotten CTD's after battles with EB1 and I believe it's because the game has a problem choosing only 1 quote from many, so I applied a fix which forum member fallen851 suggested to me a few years ago but which I have never tried until now. The fix is:

    Replace all text in the file EB/Data/Text/quotes.txt with the following text:

    ¬ Localisation file for transition screen quotes
    ¬ Lines in brackets are not to be translated

    I swear that so soon as age will permit I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.

    Replace all text in EB/data/descr_quotes_lookup.txt with the following:


    Unfortunately this causes a CTD when loading the game. The 3 intro movies play, then the game CTD's before I get to the menu. Obviously this is because it isn't loading the quote for the menu. How would I fix this?


    Added by Ludens: the solution was posted in this thread.
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    EBII has finally released. All hail the EBII team!


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