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Thread: Fix for CTD's when ending a battle or loading a save

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    Default Fix for CTD's when ending a battle or loading a save

    There's a problem in EB1 with crashes after finishing a battle or sometimes loading a save. It's because the game sometimes screws up which quote to choose to play during the loading screen. It's not so bad when loading a save because you can just load again but I've had it happen after playing a battle which took an hour or more and felt like murdering the entire world. For years I just put up with it but a few days ago I finally reached breaking point and Googled a fix for it. It's surprisingly simple. You need to find three files:

    1. Activision\Rome - Total War\EB\Data\text\quotes.txt
    2. Activision\Rome - Total War\EB\Data\descr_quotes_lookup.txt
    3. Activision\Rome - Total War\EB\Data\descr_transition_screen

    Replace all text in file 1 with the following:

    ¬ Localisation file for transition screen quotes
    ¬ Lines in brackets are not to be translated

    I swear that so soon as age will permit I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.
    Replace all text in file 2 with the following:

    Replace all text in file 3 with the following:

    ; format:
    ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ; quotes
    ; quote <quote>
    ; [ trans <translation> ]
    ; [ quoted <person quoted> ]
    ; ...
    ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ; The quote, translation, and quoted are now labels into a localised text file
    ; If you add new quotes, then the labels should be added to data/descr_quotes_lookup.txt",
    ; and the strings added to data/text/quotes.txt
    ; All the old 'labels' have been kept in the format here as it was easier, but in general
    ; labels should contain only the characters a-z, A-Z and '_', '"' will be ignored and any
    ; other characters will be changed to an underscore during text lookup


    quote "Quote_1"
    quoted "Author_1"
    Just copy and paste all 3 of those into the 3 files and voila, no more CTD's after battles. Unfortunately the only quote that will now play on loading screens is "I swear that so soon as age will permit, I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome". That's a small price to pay however for not having CTD's after you just spent an hour assaulting the large stone walls of Carthage with a full garrison of Libyan infantries.
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