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Thread: Constantinople looking

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    Default Constantinople looking

    In my opinion, Constantinople looks strange. I won't describe historical issues, because many of them have already been written in other threads (let ignore the fact that there are Byzantine buildings from medieval times).

    I mean that Constantinople is dirty, demaged buildings. Tiles are gray and faded. External walls of buildings appear to be damaged, dirty.
    Let us remember that Constantinople was the new city. I think that the CA's artist saw today some buildings from that era and he did Constantinople.

    I think that the city should have more life. Tiles should be red, and the buildings cleaner. Let us remember that the city was the finest in the world and was regarded as a "new Rome".

    Rome from RTW 2:

    Constantinople from Attila:

    I'd rather see red tiles in also Attila...

    There is great reconstruction by Antoine Helbert:

    This style of city will be good to see in the game.

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