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    I started playing the mod 2 days ago and noticed the garrison happiness was lowered from 80% in EB1 to 40% in EB2. Is this correct? As Rome I took the 4 cities north of Arretium and had large numbers of riots even with a general and 19 units in the city and taxes set to low until around 30-40 turns so I could build as many happiness buildings as possible.

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    Your main problem is that those cities are not the same culture as you (Western Med) and will riot, even with a full garrison. I tend to exterminate the populace on taking the city (yup, evil, I know). Then make them an allied Oligarchy.

    This will keep them under some control, although you will be running on low taxes with about 400/500 households for each city (will take about 140 turns to expand to the next level). If you have further rioting issues, make sure you have a family member in the city that has some amount of governorship skill.

    Failing that and they still riot, leave the city with all your troops, wait for it to rebel, rinse and repeat (there will probably be about 6 people left in the city ;) ).

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: Oh, yes, it is now down to 40%
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    Can you lower the culture penalty by destroying the non Roman buildings or building a higher level building over them? After 30-40 turns I was able to get all of them to green or yellow with taxes set to low but suffered many riots before then. I don't want to exterminate because besides the restless sleeper trait I don't like to massacre a population.

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    Culture penalty isn't simply buildings; there's an entire separate mechanic to represent it, and it doesn't change quickly.
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