I was thinking how one of my fav units from EB 1 the elite African infantry would look like in glorious eb 2. So i think the unit idea is from Livy's description of the battle of cannae right? correct me if i'm wrong. I think i've read something about that they have scavenged the roman dead for equipment in the battles before. So i was thinking what if this is just again some 'imitation legionnaire* misconception. It would make sense for the Carthaginians to have troops equipped in a similar fashion bc they had encounters with a multitude of military fighting styles like the celts who fought in a similar manner. As the supply lines would be stretched thin in italy those elite troops would have scavenged dead roman soliders to replace damaged equipment. And the romans would see and assume that: "ZOMG those guys stole our stuff they're totes imitating our legionz now!!!111"
Thats why i liked the design in eb 1 with their theureos and their iberian gladius so much. they just look unique and they don't have roman equipment because it wouldn't make sense to recruit units in Quart- hadasht who have scavenged roman equipment before cannae even happend.
So what do you guys think?
I love carthage but i'm just really starting to read into their history so please bear with me if i'm wrong^^