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Thread: First serious CTD - cant get beyond the year 236BC

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    Default First serious CTD - cant get beyond the year 236BC

    Encountered the first serious CTD's with this, till then VERY stable 2.01 release. Happen in my Pergamon Campaign h/h, with the additional Fixes and Patches:
    Tux' Vegetation/Lighting Patch
    Hotfix EDCT character traits
    and Quintus EDU update 6 with (but with my own Cavalry Speed to my liking)

    as the Pergamon Reform do not work in this Release anyway i also modded the Campaign Script so that the Basilike Patris was available from scratch.

    Anyway: until now everything went fine, but now in the year 236BC i cannot go further.
    I tried to start from earlier saves - to the same effect and also reduced the population in Settlements with the icon for rebelling population. But since this had no effect i doubt if it has something to do with that - besides i dont know if EB2.01 suffers anyway from these rebelling settlements like EB1?
    I uploaded the last save:

    and here the same but with even the reduced populations (there were 7 of them)

    Dont know how this with the log works: in the M2TW Log Folder is a 14MB large log file but, i cannot find any entries corresponding to a specific event - all entries refer to the same couple of minutes of the same day - but cannot find a date for it. they were there long before above mentioned CTD's.
    Maybe is there another log file somewhere?

    Would be great if anyone could take a look at it if time and if maybe interesting for a bug (if it is one) or something.


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    Default Re: First serious CTD - cant get beyond the year 236BC

    When does it crash? Just randomly or on AI turn or what?


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