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Thread: How do I hire mercenaries?

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    Default How do I hire mercenaries?

    Per the title, how?

    Actually, there were none for hire, got one unit now, hope that saves the ERE's main field armies.

    Yes it was. The Visigoths are no more. Three poor armies took down a one under Athauf that had sacked several cities. I had already defeated their king. However, the WRE has pulled me into two wars. One has resulted in peace after I gave them all my treasury. Now the Ostrogoths attack me.
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    Default Re: How do I hire mercenaries?

    Not sure if you mean in Rome 2 or in Attila, but it works the same way in both. Select an army and look at the bottom here, I circled the hire mercs button:

    Then when you have selected the mercs you want, click the hire button.
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    Default Re: How do I hire mercenaries?

    I cant even install the game... why? because someone hacked my steam and I cant even login..... oh and steam wont reply to my support ticket.....
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