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Thread: Is this forum active?

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    Is this forum active, are there mods going around answering questions? I tried on Total War Center but i got no reply after 3 days, i got a very ambitious project in mind(so ambitious i am about 70%certain i am being too ambitious) and without a support of experienced mods of all colors i don't even know where to begin, can i recieve a support i need here or should i look elsewhere?

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    First, welcome to the Org samoja!

    Second, to answer your question, it is not particularly active looking at the most recent posts, but then M2TW is a rather old game at this point in time. Your best bet is to first, look for guides and how-to threads. Then, I'd look for a few of the more active modders for M2TW and reach out to them via PM to see if they wouldn't mind fielding questions or sharing some information with you. If they do, I think it would be best to post your questions and such in the forum rather than via PM so that any future modders can benefit from the information.

    It isn't much, but I hope it helps a little.
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    I need your the help. How to can change flag and unit in battle. I use a unit and unit_infor in card ui to change but it only change unit in map but can't change in battle. I use a banner,menu, loading_screen and models_strat only have change in map but in battle can't change it. how to can change all flags in battle? who can help me do this that

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    Hey guys, just wondering where do you download mods for Medieval 2 from. A friend said the steam workshop but I can't find any on there.


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