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    As the ERE,is there any way to stop the Ostrogoths sacking multiple settlements from the start,as I don't have the forces to deal with them at that point. I did think about gifting some settlements to them in order for a peace treaty,or a cease-fire at least,but the AI seems reluctant about co-operating on that ,and if I strip my forces from the border with the Sassanids, I'm screwed if they then decide to go to war with me,before I have the chance to build up a army to fend them off.

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    Ostrogoths are the guys who have 2 armies already in Greece right?

    I played 3 turns as ERE (hard campaign, medium battles) and I combined my two armies in Greece and stationed them in the western-most city in the province of Thrace. This tempted them to attack the city because my army was weaker than theirs - most of the troops start out depleted. What followed was an epic siege battle where I clogged up the three entrances to my citadel with testudo'd up infantry and reigned arrows on them as they smashed themselves against my shields.
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