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    Is anywhere any explanation of logic of the movement distances, please? I haven't found any mentions in FAQ or so. To me it seems to be quite odd, when infantery marches from Rome only to Syracuse for so many seasons (year or so), but I guess it's a complex matter, so I'd like to understand why the choice was done. Eventually, is an unofficial mod like Atraphoenix's EB1 Realist Movement Mod on somebody's to-do-list?

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    The marching speed on the strategic map is definitely unrealistic, but was set this way to avoid the equally unrealistic "teleporting armies" problem. That is: defending forces cannot countermarch an invading force like a real army could. Allowing for realistic movement speeds means that invaders could bypass blocking forces and cross entire provinces before the defenders can respond. That's not realistic either. Hence the short marching distances in EB2.

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