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    Default RIP Spock

    While I never was a big star trek fan, this guy was everywhere and I can't help but feeling sad about his passing.

    RIP Leonard Nimoy
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    Leonard Nimoy. It is hard to put to words how much my life has been influenced by his work. My parents grew up with star trek and so did I, it's one of the few things that my family collectively enjoyed experiencing together. My parents liked the original series my little sister liked the new movies and I like the nex generation but throughout all of it there was always Nimoy adding his special touch of sophistication and believability to a rather absurd franchise. It would not be an understatement to say that his character was the greatest figure in star trek, and perhaps even to science fiction in general and I can think of few men who could even dream of replacing him in that role both on screen and in reality. Without him I dare say western society would be a less pleasant place to live in.

    I cannot say anything that could even come close to giving the man justice. To us, both aspiring actors, and trekkies, he was and will always be our hero.
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    May the force be with you

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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
    I watched every episode in the original 3 year run. I've watched nearly every episode of SNG, Voyager, and DS9. While not the typical convention-going Trekkie, I've always been a sci-fi enthusiast. Leonard Nimoy and Spock will always have a place in my heart.

    The stars have you now, dear friend........
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    Nice age. Thanks for the memories.

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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    I woke up to this news and the first hour of my day was rather rough as I sifted through the articles, Facebook status and celebrity friend tweets. This took me a bit by surprise. I expected to be sad, but not to the point I had a few tears welling up. I guess Leonard's work, particularly as Spock, and his character meant more to me than I thought. Rest in Peace, Leonard.
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    I grew up on Star Trek; little did I realize at the time how that series worked to transform social roles/perceptions.
    Leonard Nimoy as Spock inspired science nerds all over the world; but he had a lighter side as well:

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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    I can't get upset about this. I did not know this individual. Plus I hate the TOS so much. But he did play the villain in the first movie I ever saw. The animated Transformers movie.
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    An accomplished man who truly changed the world with an iconic character.

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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    Whilst I am not a "Trekkie" per se I have always appreciated the franchise and Nemoy's Spock is arguably up there with Vader for iconic sci-Fi characters.

    Nemoy definitely was a talented practitioner of acting and his passing definitely is a big loss not just to the Star Trek fans but to acting in general.

    One of the 'greats' of the 20th Century gone IMO.

    RIP Spock.
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    I was actually hoping to meet the guy: so was mom (who is a hardcore Trekkie: if she had the money, she'd be going to every convention and some: not that I wish that on humanity--she's far too old (in her late 40's)).
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    And who would have thought that it might de-stabilize the Canadian dollar?
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    Default Re: RIP Spock

    Live long and prosper Mr. Spock. Wherever the stars may take you.
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