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Thread: Problem installing Shogun Total War

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    Default Problem installing Shogun Total War

    I recently purchased Shogun Total War (an old favourite) from Amazon. It is the Gold Edition and seems to be from the UK. After installation, I try to run it and get an error message saying that the wrong disc is inserted. The game only comes with one disc, so that seems a bit unlikely. I have tried installing it on three different machines, running three different versions of Windows (including Xp) and I get the same error. Any thoughts?

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    I don't have any experience with Win8. With Win7 try installing the game in some other folder besides 'Program Files' or 'Program Files (x86). With WinXP...very strange you're having problems I ran it perfectly fine when I had XP as my OS. My current OS is Win7 and it runs fine except for a minor problem exiting the game (need to Alt-Tab it to desktop first). I had problems getting the game to run until I removed it from the usual Program Files folders and put it in its' own....
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    Have you tried cleaning the disc? I don't mean to be patronizing. Its just amazing how often people forget the obvious. I really hope you can get it to run. STW is a classic.

    You may also want to read this, which I copied from this site:

    OK, for those who see the bad ratings on here and don't know why, or who keep getting the "Wrong Disc" error, I'll try to explain.

    This version of Shogun Total War uses a DRM called Securom. Unlike later versions of Securom which use an online authentication check, the version of Securom that comes with Shogun Total War Gold Edition uses a Disc Check.

    Technical explanation:

    The disc check works by checking how long it takes to read from the disc. On a normal disc, or a burned disc, this is as fast the drive can read it as long as the disc is not damaged. Securom however expects that the time to read the disc will take a specifc amount of time to read, because of intentionally placed invalid sectors on the disc. Invalid sectors which cause the disc drive to slow down and attempt to re-read each invalid sector.

    This works (sort of) because the invalid sectors cannot be easily reproduced without a commerical disc press machine, as a consumer level burner will correct the invalid sectors during the burned disc's creation.

    Technical stuff stops here:

    Because of the way Securom's disc check is designed, if there is ANY defect during manufacturing, the disc will be rejected by Securom with a "wrong disc" error. (That error means Securom thinks the disc in use was copied from the original. E.g. Pirated.)
    This is because the amount of time it took to read the disc was not what Securom expected.

    Unfortunately this version of Shogun Total War had a bad batch of discs produced with a defect during manufacturing, which causes the included Securom DRM to reject the defective disc as a pirated copy.

    There is no way to fix this error other than getting another disc and hoping that it is not defective too. In addition it's not possible to tell if the disc is defective without attempting to use it. (There is no visual indication on the disc.) As such if you buy a copy of the disc, the person who sold it to you will not know if it's defective or not unless they've opened it and attempted to use it themselves.

    As for the game itself, it's quite good. Provided you can get a working copy of it.

    I would suggest the Warlord Edition: as it is the same game and uses a different DRM altogether.
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