Burn the old version! Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon Updated!

We worshipped the Emperor, and he finally made his light shine upon us! A New Update is ready to be deployed to the battlefield of Armageddon!

Here the full changelog:

Version 1.05 - main changes
• A host of gameplay changes and balance improvements.

• A Unit name, changed through the unit details window, is now displayed correctly
on the side bar.

• Fixed missing animations when attacking a unit destroyed by a support unit during

• Fixed "game menu" icon truncation when in the "strategy view"

• Fixed a crash when renaming a unit through the transport tab in the unit details

• Fixed a crash when using the 'mount' command hotkey on a unit selected from the
killed unit list

• Fixed a crash in rare case when the AI attacked player units

• Fixed a crash when disbanding a unit from 'reserve list'

• "Show enemy move" and "show enemy attack" options added

• Victory screen added on campaign completion, showing your glory.