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    Cool WRE Building Planner

    Here's a building planner for the WRE I've been working on/using. Most buildings are on the second spreadsheet. The first spreadsheet has the main provinces you should be working on (+ the Sahara should you take it early). I've tried to max out income while making all provinces self-sufficient considering 0 fertility (since that is the long term situation). If anyone finds out better combinations, please post them! I haven't been all that thorough. The third spreadsheet is a gross estimation of the synergy buffs from certain buildings. I'm not 100% sure how they are applied so take it for what it is.

    For your final income, just multiply by .2 (your starting corruption). Mind you, you can lower that a lot by using Ecumenical Matters edict, level 2 spies investigating corruption and governors with the corruption reduction skill.

    There's a hidden -15 PO just above the PO column. It takes into account -9 from immigration, -4 from taxes and -2 for hard difficulty. You can adjust it for VH (-4) or legendary (-8) and fix the building list in consequence. Also, there's usually a building on the list (industrial or commercial one) that can be swapped for a church if you're trying to get your provinces latin christian for your end-game.

    Attila v1.xlsx
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    Hi, thanks for the table. I've also made a set of WRE province templates, feel free to take a look (I've uploaded it on Steam guide):
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    Hah! I've not been on these forums for nearly a year! Came back to actually download my old planner (I changed computers since). I'll have to check your new one. Might be better :)

    I had made mine with the assumption: hold the line at all costs, don't abandon any provinces! It worked well enough the first time around. I might try to make one for the ERE now - or try out one of the xpacs.
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