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Thread: Saint Patrick DLC

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    Default Saint Patrick DLC

    Today, it's a special day, Attila, the beautiful nephew of the wretched Rome II is now one month old!
    Also, rather coincidentally, the DLC about the ancestors of the mackerel snappers has been released on the holiest day for the mackerel snappers!

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    Default Re: Saint Patrick DLC

    Cool video, but yeah this feels kinda cut out. Maybe if they gave one faction for free and the other two were DLC I would be more supportive, but this is the third DLC faction pack in a month. Kinda crazy.

    I dont plan on getting this DLC, Im waiting for the blood and gore DLC to come out anyways.
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    Default Re: Saint Patrick DLC

    I generally buy now every DLC but truly it seems a bit much to have so many in such little time. Maybe they should have released the Germanic one later...
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