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Thread: Strange Sarmatian unit names

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    Default Strange Sarmatian unit names

    I am a fan Europa Barbarorum for many years ago but i don't have the courage to ask why did the Sarmatian unit name have these strange words that people never encountered. Are they Celtic? Iberians? Latin? Greek?

    For example: Rauxsa-alanna Uaezdaettae (Roxolani Noble Cavalry) and Aeldary Aembaltae (Sarmatian Bodyguard Cavalry), i try to find any source about these words but to no avail, hopefully someone from the EB team might explain to me is it some sort of extinct language or not.


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    Lightbulb Re: Strange Sarmatian unit names

    Hello Iulian Bashir, welcome to the .Org and to EB .

    The EB team wanted to use unit names that would be accurate (or at least reasonably descriptive) in the unit's original language. The old Sauromatea preview mentions that the Sarmatians probably spoke an Iranian language, so that's likely what they used for these units.
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    Default Re: Strange Sarmatian unit names

    Although those names will be subject to minor adjustments in EBII, they are written in a Northern Iranian Language...

    The modern descendant of that particular language is Ossetian...

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    Default Re: Strange Sarmatian unit names

    Thank you very much.

    At first i thought it was Celtic or Q Celtic .....

    Anyway i wish 10000 good luck for all the EB and EB II team members.


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