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Thread: Season 2: Mafia Champions

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    Default Season 2: Mafia Champions

    Hi guys

    So as some of you maybe remember, I hosted the 2013-2014 season of the Mafia Championship. It featured 100+ players from 45+ different communities.

    Now it's time for season 2 and I was hoping that you guys would be interested in participating once again. The first time around you guys were represented by Askthepizzaguy and Montmorency. Both those guys would be eligible to play again.

    If you guys are interested, I will leave it completely up to you how you go about choosing your representative. Just make sure that the representative is prepared for and able to deal with a lot more activity than they're used to. It won't be as insane as the first season, seeing as it's 13-player games this time (more on format below), but nonetheless it will still require a lot of activity.

    NOTE: Visorslash has agreed to play. But I wanted to see if anyone else from here would be interested too in which case Visorslash can be the representative for TWC and then there could be an additional rep from The Org.

    More info:

    The current plan for season 2

    • 65 different communities will be represented.
    • 1 player per community for the entire season (preferably).
    • 5 qualifying games will be played with 13 players each.
    • 2 players advance to the finale from each game based on post-game votes.
    • 3 additional players are granted wildcard spots.

    Game setup

    The game will have a very basic mafia setup: 3 mafia members, 9 vanilla townies and 1 cop. The cop starts the game with a random vanilla townie peek. Roles revealed upon death.

    Some communities are not very used to playing basic setups like this, but for the first season, we utilized a setup with a good share of power roles, so this time around we are trying something new. For season 3 we will switch it up again.

    Days will last 36 hours and nights 12 hours, meaning 48 hours (2 days) per game day. With one exception: The weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will be one game day (so day will be 60 hours and night 12 hours on weekends). This means the game will last a maximum of 2 weeks.


    The first game is set to start April 6th. The other four games will take place in the 1-3 months after that. I will make a Doodle and find out the best times to start the 5 games so that preferably everyone gets to play during a time that suits them well.

    In addition to this, it is also a priority to ensure as much as possible that all the players in any given game has no prior history of playing with each other to ensure a level playing field (but I cannot 100 % guarantee that this won’t happen).

    Links to season 1

    Qualifying game #1:

    Qualifying game #2:

    Qualifying game #3:

    Qualifying game #4:

    Finale game:

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    Default Re: Season 2: Mafia Champions

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    Default Re: Season 2: Mafia Champions

    I'd rather not.
    Vitiate Man.

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    Default Re: Season 2: Mafia Champions

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    Default Re: Season 2: Mafia Champions

    Update: Askthepizzaguy is representing you guys.

    Game 1 of the second season of the Mafia Championship has started:

    If you'd like to spectate the game, feel free to add me on Skype and I'll invite you to the spectator chat: thingyman

    The chat attracted more than a 100 people last time from all the various communities and was a ton of fun. Most importantly, it is a great opportunity for networking and creating connections with other communities as evidenced by the fact that it led to a bunch of crossover games the first time around. You should pop in and say hello :)

    Bubbles (NinSheetMusic)
    CPHoya (Super Mafia All Stars)
    fontisian (Dark Lord Potter)
    Guild (Talking Time)
    Harb (Play Diplomacy)
    itisally (The Grey Labyrinth)
    NeilOnnsu (Art of Problem Solving)
    Paperblade (Serenes Forest)
    TheDarkestLight (SC2 Mafia)
    Timewave (Atheist Foundation of Australia)
    VikeStep (Feed the Beast)
    Vytron (xkcd)
    Zack (CivFanatics)

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    Default Re: Season 2: Mafia Champions

    And you get to watch me now!

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    Default Re: Season 2: Mafia Champions

    Oh dear, voyeurism at its best.
    good lord| if you're telling the truth you're setting new records for scumminess as a townie -Renata on IM, 16/09/2011
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    Default Re: Season 2: Mafia Champions

    The 2015 Mafia Championship Finale Game Has Officially Begun:

    The series started in 2013. Now here we are, 2 years later, season 2 finale, the conclusion to a season that featured 70 representatives from 70 different communities. It's now finally time for the ultimate showdown to determine who is the best forum mafia player on the internet.

    I hope you'll be watching and cheering on Askthepizzaguy and Zack who are both representing you in the finale :)

    I also really hope that some of you will want to join our Skype spectator chat (add me: thingyman). It has 100+ people from a bunch of different communities, and it's a ton of fun. Don't miss out!


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