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Thread: Total War Begginers Battle Guide

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    I decided to create a Battle Guide that would suit every total war game in the franchise as it covers the basics of every aspect of games found in every game of the total war series.

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    After watching your video, you might want to consider one more rule for beginners...don't be reckless with your general

    I have a difficult time believing that battle was fought on anything but Easy. On VH, after a general routs, the rest of the army is not far behind...especially a horse archer army.

    Hills are of course, important in defense. However, more often than not, if you are the attacker, you will be climbing one. Direct line-of-sight projectile units, like guns, become less and less effective the higher the hill. They begin to develop a blind spot where they cannot shoot. Guns are at their best on level ground.

    Flanking is difficult to do if you have no cavalry. Fast moving skirmishers can pull it off sometimes, but you run the risk of losing them if they get cut off or if they attract the attention of enemy cavalry.

    Army morale is at the top of the list for factors contributing to a battlefield victory. Losing your general is one of the quickest ways to defeat

    With the great diversity of unit types, it will be very difficult, IMHO, to come up with anything but extremely simple battlefield techniques to cover everything from Shogun I to Rome II/Attila.....but there's nothing wrong with trying, I suppose
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