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    So, I finished the long campaign on normal as Chosakabe, and except for a few moments, I've generally been able to lock the new formation I set up during the set up phase. What I did was group everyone together, click on a random preset formation, rearrange my new formation, disband the group, and re-group everyone. As I said, it's generally worked fine.

    But now that I'm starting a new campaign (domination, normal) as Otomo, I can't get it to work at all. Is the problem the matchlocks or something? I'm in 1755 now, and I've only been able to get a custom formation to work once. Only once. Now I'm just scared of open field battles, which is ridiculous in a TW game. Does anyone know any solutions to this?

    And yes, I know about the lock button at the bottom left, I've tried toggling it, to no avail.

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    Sorry, I'll admit I never use formations, I just group certain similar units and then use that to drag and smear them where I want them. Hopefully someone else here will jump in with some help.

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    I believe it's ctrl-G to lock a group into the current formation. You'll notice a little lock besides the group number if it happens.
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